Collage-based coffee drinking

The collage-based coffee drinking is a lingering format of the Kotti-Shop, which emerged from the project Mapping the Common Ground. Every Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. since April 2018, the Kotti-Shop invites neighbors, interested people and artist friends to free images from notebooks and books, from photographs they have brought along, over coffee and cake. It is an occasion to linger together, while talking about (current) topics, exchange, chat, informally. From the collage-based coffee drinking, an extensive collage archive grows. It is a collection of architectures of urban space, of squares and places, of contextual images on various topics: Traffic, plants, machines, people, objects. Scanned and digitized, it is a powerful tool for collaborative artistic projects, but also for posters, postcards or zines, and especially as visual forms of neighborhood expression in the context of negotiations around urban space.