Sentimental Punk

TWO soundtracks. ONE film. Every 11th of the month, Sentimental Punk screens a selection of structuralist and avant-garde filmmakers. Every 11th of the month Sentimental Punk invites 2 sound artists to improvise live to the films. Sentimental Punk is a non-commercial research meeting; curated by Dafne Narvaez Berlfein with support from Willem van den Hoek.


Sentimental Punk #46

Barbara Hammer Film-Fragments

Soundtrack #1 by Persico & Tavil (Voice,electronics & Drums)

Soundtrack #2 by C-driK & Takahashi (Viola & Gongs, computer)


Sentimental Punk #45

Barbara Hammer Film-Fragments

Soundtrack #1 by Gilles Aubry (sonic actions with microphone, synth and computer)

Soundtrack #2 by Thomas & Ursula (zerhackte Digitalfragmente, Frequenzmodulation, Feedback, Sampling und Signalstörungen mit analogem Modularsystem, Gitarre und Effekten)


Sentimental Punk #44

Multilogen des Urbanen_BerlinArtWeek Special

Soundtrack #1 by Davide Piersanti (imaginative soundscapes for multiphonic trombone)

Soundtrack #2 by Lena Kocisova (Akkamiau) (playing along with life, soft paws on the path)


Sentimental Punk #43

Anniversary -yes, its 4 years!

Soundtrack #1 by Seamus O’Donnell & Philip Morris (objects and motors, strings and devices, hands and ears)

Soundtrack #2 by Nina Guo & Auguste Vickunaite (improvise together; Nina sings, Auguste plays reel-to-reel tape recorders. Loops and noise, live and analogue)


Sentimental Punk #42

Iturri Soundscapes_Buenos Aires Special

Soundtrack #1 by : Florencia Curci & Alma Laprida (Elektro cabeza- lo-fi astro-futuro random)

Soundtrack #2 by Victoria Barca / Mariela Arzadun (Invocación de espíritus sonoros y ruidismo paranorma)


Sentimental Punk #41

KottiSoundscapes der Avant-Garde: Die Damen der Goethe Gruppe

Soundtrack #1 by Tatsumi Ryusui (Ambient/Drone guitar)

Soundtrack #2 by Munsha (Cello, vocalas, FX)


Sentimental Punk #40

Deren/Hammid Filmfragments on KottiSoundscapes

Soundtrack #1 by Lau/Mengersen Duo (vocals & double bass)

Soundtrack #2 by Liz Kosack (synths)


Sentimental Punk #39

Die Zeit ist nicht unser wahres Daheim -Live Soundscapes + Exhibition

Soundtrack #1 by Des Waldes (Ambient – Noise – Drone)

Soundtrack #2 by Mariano Ramis (PC and drum pad- La voz del vecino, alternative soundtrack for Hammid´s Aimless walk)


Sentimental Punk #38

Transmediale & CTM´s Vorspiel Special

Soundtrack #1 by Bodypattern (electronic sound fracking)

Soundtrack #2 by Zoya Zerkalski (synths, accordion, cymbals + vocal textures)


Sentimental Punk #37

Silvester Soundscapes for Su Friedrich*

Soundtrack #1 by Elke Echo (körperbetont-computer-kontrolliert akustische, vokale kompositionen)

Soundtrack #2 by Turnbull (tombak, zarb, sticks, foils)


Sentimental Punk #36

Wintersoundscapes for Su Friedrich

Soundtrack #1 by Lea N. (Electronics & voice lead compositions)

Soundtrack #2 by Lina Allemano (Trumpet) & Kamil Korolczuk (Modular/tapes) & Ulf Mengersen (Double bass)


Sentimental Punk #35

One TourEnd + 2/3 of Carolee Schneemann Autobiographical Trilogy

Soundtrack #1 by KvT & Otolitos (voice, percussion, noise box, bass, spatialised speakers)

Soundtrack #2 by Stephen Doyle & Agente Costura (sewing machine, percussion, electronics)


Sentimental Punk #34

Anniversary -yes, its 3 years!

Soundtrack #1 by Seamus O’Donnell & Philip Morris (objects and motors, strings and devices, hands and ears)

Soundtrack #2 by Korhan Erel (electronic)


Sentimental Punk #33

(Urban)Landscapes from the avant-garde.

Soundtrack #1 by Instant Voodoo (CA/IT) (live electronics, extra dust and magic)

Soundtrack #2 by Electr°cute aka Kasia Jutska (analog based conversation with electricity)


Sentimental Punk #32

Mary Butes Fragments of Visual Symphonies

Soundtrack #1 by Basar Ünder (live electronics)

Soundtrack #2 by Kröter (Sargeant/ Rothmeier/ Hochapfel/Zahn)


Sentimental Punk #31

Margaret Tait Film Fragments

Soundtrack #1 by Guerra & Kakaliagou Duo ( Electric Guitar, French Horn)

Soundtrack #2 by Sam Vance-Law & Rosanna Lovell (Violin/Mandolin & Clarinet)


Sentimental Punk #30 Vorspiel Transmediale & CTM Special

Turmoil Film Fragments

Soundtrack #1 by K lì – Caroline Cecilia Tallone (hurdy gurdy, amplified objects) + Lina Allemano (trumpet, objects)

Soundtrack #2 by Gaby Turano (Guitar)


SentimentalPunk #29: New Year Film Special on Kotti-Soundscapes

Joyce Wieland, Reason over Passion / La Raison avant la Passion

Soundtrack #1 by Seamus O’Donnell&Philip Morris of Salon Bruit and ColaboRadio

Soundtrack #2 by Steffi Gudra (Guitar)


Sentimental Punk #28

Silvester-Soundscapes on Joyce Wieland Film

Hada Benedito (Extended bike and electronics)


Soundtrack #2 by DIE SAMURAI (Kosmische trio version. De Rosa: Clarinet – Daloiso : Contrabass – Yakin Bozek: Electronics)


Sentimental Punk #27

Joyce Wieland Film Fragments

Soundtrack #1 by The Modern Mating Call-Weave and Unweave (aka Charly Roussel´s merged Projekts)(Guitar, Voice, Kaos Pad)

Soundtrack #2 by Penelope Gkika (Violin)

gem Modularsystem, Gitarre und Effekten)


Sentimental Punk #26

Storm de Hirsch/Jane Belson Film Fragments

Soundtrack #1 by d E (live electronics)

Soundtrack #2 by El Negro Ricardo (Instrumental hip hop, breakbeat, trip hop & sample/collage)


Sentimental Punk #25 @Kassel

Lillian Schwartz Film Fragments

Soundtrack #1 by Leandro Uría (Drone regime + Sulcus vocalis)

Soundtrack #2 by DJ Kohlrabi (aka Mo Chan) (universal disappearing moments)


Sentimental Punk #24

Lillian Schwartz Film Fragments

Soundtrack #1 by Tatsumi Ryusui ( Ambient, drone guitar)

Soundtrack #2 by Slow Slow Loris (Experimental/avant-garde melodic noise)


Sentimental Punk #23

Rose Lowder Film Fragments

Soundtrack #1 by Utku Tavil(electronics)

Soundtrack #2 by DuChamp (devoted to drone)


Sentimental Punk #22

Marie Menken @ Athens&Berlin – Kotti-Shop

Soundtrack 1 by Mi Ho (Object, wind and resonance of phenomenon)

Soundtrack 2: C-drík (Drone and minimal electronic)


Sentimental Punk #22

Marie Menken @ Athens&Berlin – Athen

Soundtrack 1 by d E

Soundtrack 2 by ps stamps back


Sentimental Punk #21

60s-80s Feministische avant-garde Film Fragments @ Tehran


Soundtrack #1 by Mehrdad Mehdi (Accordeón)

Soundtrack #2 by Aso Kohzadi (piano/electronics)


Sentimental Punk#20 LOVE Club Transmediale Vorspiel

Jonas Mekas Film Fragments

Soundtrack #1 by Agente Costura (Lisa Simpson) making music out of making clothes

Soundtrack #2 by Schnick Schnack (lo-fi trash pop toy music casio punk)


Sentimental Punk #19 ANGER Club Transmediale Vorspiel

Kurt Kren´s Aktion /Strukturelle Film Fragments

Soundtrack #1 by JD Zazie (found sounds electronics)

Soundtrack #2 by Rudolf Kollektiv Sound-Performance on analog sound-sources with digital & acoustical inductors


Sentimental Punk #18 FEAR Club Transmediale Vorspiel

Harry Smiths Film Selects

Soundtrack #1 by Mariano Ramis _Orchestra der Gegenstände

Soundtrack #2 by LauraL _ experimental, dark ambient


Sentimental Punk #17

Stan Brakhage Film Fragments

Soundtrack #1 by Red Monky (Sound and Movement)

Soundtrack #2 by Late Nights In Squat Bars (virtual instruments, beats, analogue synth, voice, percussion)


Sentimental Punk #16

Stan Brakhage Film Fragments

Soundtrack #1 by Antje Vowinckel ( Soprano Sax, Organ & Objects)

Soundtrack #2 by Matias Guerra (electric guitar)


Sentimental Punk #15

Jonas Mekas Film Fragments

Soundtrack #1 by Harmony Molina (creepy folk folk Berlin)

Soundtrack #2 by GabyTuranø -aka La Agente Naranja- (Pank Criollo)


Sentimental Punk #14

Conrad Schnitzler Films

Soundtrack #1 by Philippe Lemoine-Wolfgang Seidel Duo (Sax/Perkussion)

Soundtrack #2 by Thomas Rehnert (Schlagzeug) + Ursula Döbereiner (Gitarre mit Effekten)


Sentimental Punk #13 + Film-Installation

Conrad Schnitzler Films

Introduction by Gen Ken Montgomery

Soundtrack #1 by Tomomi Adachi (voice, electronics)

Soundtrack #2 by Fast 277 (Eliad Wagner&Wolfgang Seidel, mod. synthesizers)


Sentimental Punk #12

Shirley Clarke Films

Soundtrack #1 by Seamus O’Donnell&Philip Morris of Salon Bruit and ColaboRadio

Soundtrack #2 by Elena Kakaliagou(French Horn-Performance)


Sentimental Punk #11

Michael Snow Films

Soundtrack #1 by SANTNER ROUSSEL RABE; Max Santner – drums; Charly Roussel – bass, emotional noises, voice; Lukas Rabe – piano, synth, FX

Soundtrack #2 by DuoSubRosa; Elisabetta Lanfredini, voice and electronics; Uygur Vural, cello and electronics


Sentimental Punk #10

Michael Snow Films

Soundtrack #1 by Slow Slow Loris (experimental/avant-garde melodic noise)

Soundtrack #2 by Martin Lau (soundpoetry) & Gregor Siedl ( saxophone and game calls)


Sentimental Punk #09

Michael Snow Structural Films

Soundtrack #1 by Parallel Asteroid – Lan Cao (Synthesizer) & Gregor Siedl (Saxophone,game calls, tubes)

Soundtrack #2 by Leo Dupleix (electronics)


Sentimental Punk #08

Jordan Belson Film Selection

Soundtrack #1 by Otolitos ( Berlin noise/drone three-piece ) Bass: Tom, machines/geräte/boxes/electronix: Tristen, percussion: Muck Munoz.

Soundtrack #2 by LauraL ( aka Laura Leiner, Brazil guitar – ambient/experimental)


Sentimental Punk #07

Harry Smith Film selection

Soundtrack #1 by ps stamps back ( dark rhythmic drones – Athens, Greece)

Soundtrack #2 by Ignatz bee ( Gitarre & Maschinchen – Sonnenalle, La Pampa)


Sentimental Punk #06

Hollis Frampton films *part2*

Soundtrack #1: Erika Sollo (voice, electronics)

Soundtrack #2 Elke Echo (kaos pad) + Manuela Schininá (analog synth)


Sentimental Punk #05

Hollis Frampton Films

Soundtrack #1 by Charly Roussel (double bass, voice) / Gregor Siedl (tenor sax, game calls)

Soundtrack #2 by Marina Fages (voice, charango) / Ignacio CZ ( bariton sax, guitar)


Sentimental Punk #04

Peter Tscherkassky Films

Soundtrack #1 by Kovács/O´Doherty ( minimalist audio)

Soundtrack #2 by Bernd Kircher (sax) und Nikolaus Kirstein (piano)


Sentimental Punk #03

Kurt Kren Films

Soundtrack #1 by Charly Rousell (Contrabass)

Soundtrack #2 by Herr Teufelsdröckh und das Taschenmesser


Sentimental Punk #02

Kurt Kren Films

Soundtrack #1 by Tomomi Adachi (voice, violin, electronics)

Soundtrack #2 by Ubu Rave (pataphysical phunk)


Sentimental Punk #01

Kurt Kren Films

Soundtrack #1 by KnifeLoop (Guest Philip Morris)

Soundtrack #2 by Javier Areal Velez ( Guest Audrey Chen)